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Prices for each class are listed  beside the class description and are for 1 child, 1 day per week only.  If you have more than one child, see Family Rate.

Family Rate:  $125 per month - Enroll all your kids for this price or enroll for more than one class for this price! 

All programs included, all children in the household included



FALL   These classes begin August 18, 2014 ** Remember OUR FAMILY RATE is $125 per month and includes all your dance/gymnastics and cheer classes for all children in your household.    Enroll early! 2014Classes fill up before the first day.    To enroll, print a form from the FORMS area, and mail in with $25 to hold your spot!  


3-4 Year Olds   MONDAYS 3:30-4:30 OR THURSDAYS 5:30-6:30
      Includes 30 minutes of ballet and tap dance with 30 minutes of tumbling and gymnastics balance beam, bars,  vault and pre gymnastics skills.  Students need white ballet shoes, black tap shoes, a dance bag and a leotard (any style or color)  Students will perform in our annual production of THE NUTCRACKER on December 16 at the Foley Civic Center  Once costume will be required and we do not require you to sell ads.   Cost is $70 per month

  5-6  Year Olds  4:00-5:30  Dance/Gymnastics/Cheer Tumbling  -Ballet, Tap,  Pom Jazz & Cheer Tumbling & Gymnastics ($80 per month) *Students will perform in our holiday dance production, A NUTCRACKER,  on Dec 16 at the Foley Civic Center.  Students will have 45 minutes of dance class, and 45 minutes of cheer tumbling/ gymnastics class.  A great start for your rising stars!   This includes balance beam, bars, vault and tumbling.

  7-9 Year Olds  4:45-6:30 Dance/Gymnastics/Cheer Tumbling-Ballet, Tap, Pom Jazz , Cheer Tumbling and Gymnastics ($80 per month)  *Students will perform in our holiday dance production, A NUTCRACKER on Dec 16 at the Foley Civic Center.  Students will have 45 minutes of Dance and 1 hour of cheer tumbling/gymnastics class. 

   10-12 Year Olds   5:30-7:30   Dance/Gymnastics/Cheer Tumbling -Ballet, Tap, Pom Jazz, Lyrical, Cheer Tumbling and Gymnastics ($80 per month).  Students will perform in our holiday dance production, A NUTCRACKER on Dec 16 at the Foley Civic Center.  Students will have 1 hour of dance combo and 1 hour of cheer/gymnastics combo. 

 DANCE POM  6:30-7:30   Ages 10- 13

LEVEL 4-up GYMNASTICS TEAM  6:30-8:45   *This is for all competitive gymnasts who are current Level 4 or above only

TUMBLING for Cheerleading-  6:00-7:30  Ages Middle School Only

 REMEMBER:  When two or more children are enrolled from your household, the total cost of your tuition is $125.00 (unless you are on a competitive team). Our wide variety of classes and programs makes this family rate the best deal in the area!!!

Sign up for the class according to your students age as of October 31, 2014.  Students are divided by level in gymnastics and tumbling. 


Register or ask questions by email

or mail ENROLLMENT form to hold your spot in a class for the JANUARY 2014 classes.  

Class sizes are limited and classes are expected to fill very quickly before the first week of classes. 



Classes Begin August 19th!

To hold a spot in a class, please go to FORMS on this website and print an ENROLLMENT FORM, mail with $25 non refundable deposit  to

Flip City Gymnastics, PO BOX 6747, Gulf Shores, AL  36547    or bring by the gym Mon-Thur 3:00-8:00

3:30-6:00  Competitive Gymnastics Team

5:00-6:00  Baton Twirling  For ages 5 and up   $50 per month if not in conjunction with a family rate.

6:00-7:30 Competitive  Level 1 Cheerleading Team -The Zebra Sharks All Stars*  See All Star Cheerleading Link on this website for info!

7:30-8:30  Tumbling For Cheerleading-Open to all students ages 6 and up who are working on skills needed for cheerleading.  No balance beam, bars, vault etc, strictly floor skills used in cheerleading.  This class is $70 per month and not open to current all star cheerleaders.  The class is divided by age and level so whether you are working on a layout or a backwalkover, we have plenty of coaches to work with every level!

6:30-8:30  Elementary School Pom Team






4:00-6:15  Level 4 and up Competitive Gymnastics Team

4:00-6:00  GREAT WHITE

5:30-7:00  MAKO

6:30-8:30 TIGER

These are competitive cheerleading teams.  Each team is divided by age and level.  The practices and competitions are mandatory for the entire season.





   To Enroll, print out an ENROLLMENT FORM in the FORMS area of this website, mail in with $25 deposit to hold your spot.  Classes begin August 19th

3:30-6:00 Competitive Gymnastics Team Training

5:30-6:30  PRESCHOOLERS (Age 3-4)  Dance/Gymnastics/Tumbling Combo   Students will learn ballet, tap, gymnastics and tumbling.  They will perform in our annual holiday production of A NUTCRACKER on Dec 16 at the Foley Civic Center.  Students do 30 min of dance and 30 min of tumbling/gymnastics.  $70 per month  VERY LIMITED enrollment! 


Students will learn   ballet, lyrical, jazz .  They will perform in our annual holday production of A NUTCRACKER on Dec 16 at the Foley Civic Center.     $80 per month

6:00-7:00   JUST GYMNASTICS  & CHEER TUMBLING  for Ages 5-8 years.   This class does not include dance and is for the student who wants to take gymnastics only with balance beam, bars, floor tumbling, and vault as well as learn tumbling skills used in cheerleading.  A great class for learning and improving skills to participate in our annual FUN MEET to win ribbons and medals!   $70 per month    (6:1  Student teacher ratio)

6:00-7:00  JUST TUMBLING & DOUBLE MINI  Ages 6-up

7:00-8:00  JUST GYMNASTICS & CHEER TUMBLING for Ages 9-13 years.  This class is does not include dance and is for the student who wants to take gymnastics  balance beam, floor tumbling, vault and uneven bars as well as learn skills used for cheerleading tumbling.  Students will be divided by level so beginners and up are welcome to sign up!  $70 per month.




 4:00-6:30  Competitive Gymnastics Team Level 4 and up


Great White  2:00-4:30