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Prices for our FALL 2016  CLASSES

CLASS BEGINS Aug 22, 2016  and ENDS DEC 17, 2016   

*class cost is total to enroll Aug-Dec divided into 5 equal payments for your convenience.  missing class does not reduce your tuition.  30 days notice is required to drop.  attending even once in a month is considered enrolled for the month

Prices* for each class are listed  beside the class description and are for 1 child, 1 day per week only.  If you have more than one child, see Family Rate.

Family Rate:  $125 per month - Enroll all your kids for this price for same class type.  *Ex  all kids in dance/gym combo or all kids in gymnastics/tumbling   

*There is a 3% fee added when registering/paying online or with credit/debit cards. 




FALL 2016

 These classes begin AUGUST  22 SIGN UP NOW TO INSURE YOU HAVE A SPOT.  CLASS SIZES ARE LIMITED ** Remember OUR FAMILY RATE is $125 per month and includes all your dance/gymnastics and cheer classes for all children in your household.    Enroll early!   Classes fill up before the first day.    To enroll,  GO TO ONLINE REGISTRATION  *avail June 2016



  4-5  Year Olds  4:00-5:30  TWINKLE TOES COMBO Dance/Gymnastics/Cheer Tumbling  -Ballet, Tap,  Pom Jazz & Cheer Tumbling & Gymnastics ($80 per month) *Students will be cast in our WINTER SHOW -A Nutcracker Tale  at the Foley Civic Center.  Students will have 45 minutes of dance class, and 45 minutes of cheer tumbling/ gymnastics class.  A great start for your rising stars!   This includes balance beam, bars, vault and tumbling.  

 6-7 Year Olds  4:45-6:30 RISING STARS COMBO Dance/Gymnastics/Cheer Tumbling-Ballet, Tap, Pom Jazz , Cheer Tumbling and Gymnastics ($80 per month)  *Students will perform in our WINTER SHOW-A Nutcracker Tale at the Foley Civic Center.  Students will have 45 minutes of Dance and 1 hour of cheer tumbling/gymnastics class. 

  Petite Dance Company    5:30-7:30   Dance/Gymnastics/Cheer Tumbling for INTERMEDIATE -Ballet,  Pom Jazz, Lyrical, & Tumbling ($125 per month).  Students will perform in our WINTER SHOW, A NUTCRACKER TALE  at the Foley Civic Center.  Students will have 1 hour of dance combo and 1 hour of cheer/tumbling for dance combo.  Students compete in local dance competitions.

   8-10 Year Olds HOTSHOTS COMBO  * BEST FOR J.O./Excel Team 10 and under enrolling in dance  6:30-8:30 Dance/Gymnastics/Cheer Tumbling -Ballet, Tap, Pom Jazz, Lyrical, Cheer Tumbling and Gymnastics ($80 per month).  Students will perform in our WINTER SHOW, A NUTCRACKER TALE at the Foley Civic Center.  Students will have 1 hour of dance combo and 1 hour of cheer/gymnastics combo.  

 Age  11 and up- PreTEEN & Teen Dance/Tumble Combo- 6:30-8:30  *BEST FOR JO/Excel Team   Dance/Gymnastics/Cheer for OLDER BEGINNER and ADVANCED BEGINNER STUDENTS -Ballet, Tap, Pom Jazz, Lyrical, Cheer Tumbling and Gymnastics ($125 per month).  Students will perform in our WINTER SHOW, A NUTCRACKER TALE at the Foley Civic Center.  Students will have 1 hour of dance combo and 1 hour of cheer/gymnastics combo.      $125 per month

J.O./Excel Gymnastics Team 7:30-8:30  (By coach invite only)





LEVEL 1 Tumbling -4:00-5:00   Level 1 is for learning a cartwheel, roundoff, front walkover and backwalkover

Level 1.5 Tumbling  5:00-6:00  Level 1.5 is for learning a back handspring.  Must have a back walkover.

Level 2-2.5 Tumbling 6:00-7:00  Level 2 -2.5 is for students who have a backhandspring and are working on a roundoff back handspring and series



 REMEMBER:  When two or more children are enrolled from your household, the total cost of your tuition is $125.00 (unless you are on a competitive team). Our wide variety of classes and programs makes this family rate the best deal in the area!!!

Sign up for the class according to your students age as of AUGUST 1, 2016.  Students are divided by level in gymnastics and tumbling. 


Register or ask questions by email or call and or text 251-747-0404

or go to ONLINE REGISTRATION form to hold your spot in classes.  

Class sizes are limited and classes are expected to fill very quickly before the first week of classes. 



Classes Begin AUGUST 22, 2016   BUT  Sign up now!  Class will fill up quickly!

To hold a spot in a class, please go to ONLINE REGISTRATION 

or go to FORMS on this website and print an ENROLLMENT FORM, mail with $25 non refundable deposit  to

Flip City Gymnastics, 9332 Hard Drive, Foley, AL  36535  or bring by the gym Mon-Thur 4:00-8:00 








4:00-5:30 LEVEL 1 Cheerleading Team- must be signed up before August 1st!

5:30-6:30  Just Gymnastics and Tumbling
6:30-7:30  Just Dance
7:30-8:30  Classical Ballet Technique/ Pointe for ages 12 and up
5:30-7:30  Excel/J.O. Gymnastics Team
6:30-8:30 COMPETITION Advanced JO Gymnastics

























Competition Cheerleading Teams Practice Day-Call us at 251-747-0404 to join a team before August 1st!









   To Enroll, GO TO ONLINE REGISTRATION or print out an ENROLLMENT FORM in the FORMS area of this website, mail in with $25 deposit to hold your spot 

  The Following Classes begin  the week of August 22nd!   

HOMESCHOOL DANCE CLASS-For Ages 4-5  Ballet and Tap  12:30-1:00

                                         Ages 6-8  Ballet, Tap and Classical Jazz (Broadway Style)  1:00-2:00
                                         Ages 9-11  Ballet, Lyrical, Tap, Classical Jazz (Broadway Style) 2:00-3:00



PRESCHOOL JUST GYMNASTICS 3:30-4:00 This class does not include dance and is for the student who wants to take gymnastics only with balance beam, bars, floor tumbling, and vault as well as learn tumbling skills used in cheerleading.  A great class for learning and improving skills to participate in our annual FUN MEET to win ribbons and medals!   $80 per month    (6:1  Student teacher ratio)

SCHOOL AGE  GYMNASTICS & TUMBLE 4:00-5:30 -This class is for tumbling and gymnastics only  for ages 4-9 with little or no gymnastics experience who want to learn bars, beam, floor and vault.  A great class to for all levels!  Students are divided into training groups by age and level.

JUST GYMNASTICS & TUMBLE for OLDER BEGINNERS  5:30-7:00  Ages 10-up with little or no experience in gymnastics who want to train in balance beam, uneven bars, vault and floor  exercise and tumbling
PRE TEAM Gymnastics*  By coach invite only   5:30-7:00
5:00-6:30  JR DANCE COMPANY * By Coach invite

6:30-8:30   Competitive GYMNASTICS TEAM




















This class offers developmental gymnastics in a fun and safe environment. With emphasis based upon progressive balance and motor skills designed to reinforce good posture and muscle tone in your child. Gymnastics offers many opportunities for your child to develop social skills as well. Having fun with our friendly and safety certified staff is a guarantee at Flip City Gymnastics. This class is designed to give your child a small teacher/student ratio with the advantages of social interaction all while exercising and having fun!

Just for Me! Ages 7and up (4 students per coach) parent participation only required at coaches request. Saturdays 9:00 am-10:00 am

**All students will be required to do a free trial with parents present and ready to assist if requested by our staff. This is key when building a bond with your child. **

Classes cost $125 for 6 weeks and begins Jan 12, 2015 


Cheerleading Practices 1:30-4:30